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Are you Buying a Business?

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Business Valuation Partner


Practical experience is very important for partner buyouts, partner disputes, or other buy-sell business valuations such as with SBA Loans.


Most analysts conducting business valuations have never actually sold a business, so their knowledge is relegated to an academic perspective, which could render the opinion worthless.

Business Valuation Divorce


Did you know that there is case law in many states stating that personal goodwill is not considered a marital asset? Read More below to see which states.


How much of your business assets comprise the personal goodwill? How much is business goodwill? Our business valuations discern between these two very important intangible assets.

Business Valuation Bankruptcy


What if you own a business and are going through either personal (Chapter 13) or corporate bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 11)?


Did you know that under certain circumstances the intangible goodwill component may be worthless? The only value in your business may be the liquidated value of the tangible assets.

Business Valuation Estate Gift Tax


Relative to Estate planning, gift tax, and probate, our business valuations meet the all of the requirements of the IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60


We also carve out the Personal Goodwill, which lowers the value and tax impact; ask your attorney if this is acceptable in your state.

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